Isshiki published a second paper!

The second paper was published by Synlett on 23rd October. DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1589120


The α-position of the ketone was arylated by the decarbonylation reaction of the familiar aromatic ester.

I feel proud that I am able to be the first author my first theme.

The theme which was kept in the drawer for more than half a year was finally published as a paper because the etherification of the side reaction only progressed or the substrate made was not broad enough .

In the end, the scope of ester remains surprisingly small, but it’s good enough to continue.



Currently, a new project is under research and a third paper will be published soon.

Please look forward to the success of Isshiki in the future!

Also, please contact us if you wish to expand the substrate application range.

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