Drinking party with the new B4

Yesterday, 11 people from B3 have been assigned to Yamaguchi Lab and will enter next year!!

In the Department of Applied Chemistry, laboratories are decided when students are in their third undergraduate year and tours were carried out and then assignment of students to each laboratory in the next term. At Yamaguchi Lab, we will conduct experiments in the laboratory from the next fiscal year but will take seminar-style lectures in the latter half. That’s why it was just after the assignment decision but everyone went to the social gathering which is (?)!

Venue is at ふくや

Most of the food in the menu is eat-all-you-want but somehow I missed eating some of the food.

It was good to create a new friendship with new members. In order to show the dignity as a senior, some senior students such as Asako and Ishitobi’s, an unlikely combination worked hard to show their drinking power..
The next day there was a study group so only remaining members went to the second party and drank until the end!
(Since the B3 had experienced sleeping over at lab, Middle-aged Mickey Mouse and I quickly booked the sofa beds. ha! )

For the B4, it will be the first time for them to experience having juniors and lab members will be around 30 in total…
The number of people is almost twice as before so let’s do our best together!

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