Associate Professor Fukasawa, Nagoya University came for a visit

I reached Tokyo in the afternoon after a business trip to Germany. When I arrived at the lab, Ms. Aiko Fukasawa of Nagoya University visited us at the right time.

She happened to be in Tokyo today for a meeting in a certain area. I was working with a colleague at Nagoya University for a long period of time and after seeing each other now, I feel like its been eternity.

I got a delicious Nakatsugawa chestnut quinton as a souvenir! Already half are gone …

We talked about various things and after that went to eat ramen with the students. At first, we went to Torisen but there were no seats so we decided to go to ‘Miho ichi’ at Takadanobaba.

Ms. Fukasawa who is currently busy in both private and public matters has been with us for 3 hours already. Next time, I hope you can come and visit after a lecture and go for a drink.

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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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