Rubik’s Cube

Hi, I am Hoshi from B4.


Its a bit sudden but is anyone interested in playing brain-teaser game?

I feel that science subjects require a lot of thinking but organic chemistry is no exception (of course, you have to use your hands too).

If you have a habit of using your head on a regular basis, you will surely gain more in research.

Therefore I chose this topic here ↓↓

Hence, Rubik’s Cube. A new article was prepared.

There are 6 faces that is made to solve and can be completed and the procedure can

From left image to right image.


Q1. Focus on the white tile, 3 steps



Q2. Focus on the white tile, 3 steps



Q3. Pay attention to the side green and orange, 8 steps(the bottom is only white for both images)



I think the last problem is quite difficult but I’m happy if you try to solve it.

There are other fun games that I want to introduce so I’ll write it again someday.

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