The 7th CCS‐CSJ Young Chemists Forum 2017

On the third day of annual meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan, I gave a lecture at the Japan-China Young Chemist Forum in the morning. Actually, this is the second time I participated on this big 5th Forum. I had a speaker’s dinner on the previous day for the Presidency of Chemstevening Mixer so I was unable to attend the seminar. After that, I rushed into a synchronous meeting and drank till midnight. At that time, I was around 32 to 33 years old. Photos below are from the previous day. I feel that the members here were smart and kind people

I stayed close to the main venue so I went there a bit early at 8 am. There is nobody in this large hall (picture shown above)

At 8.30 am, people start to enter and gather gradually but the hall still look quite empty.

The forum commence with the opening remarks of Hisashi Yamamoto, Representative from the Chemical Society of Japan. He gave a speech about the introductory talk of leader Dr. Koichi Fukase.

It was over and the last session was in the morning and the next chairperson was present too so we were crying away. There is another appointment which is an international social gathering which I could not attend causing a lot of trouble for the other party.

Special thanks to Prof. Fukase and Prof. Doi for giving me the opportunity to speak. Please see the following program.


Based on the “Japan-China International Cooperation Agreement” signed in March 2009, the first meeting held in 2010 at China Chemical Society Annual Meeting (Xiamen University), the second meeting is at China Chemical Society Annual Meeting (Sichuan University), the Annual Meeting of 93 (Nagoya Univ.) in 2013, The 4th was the Annual Meeting of the Chinese Chemical Society (Beijing University), 5th was the Annual Meeting of the 95th Annual Meeting of 2015 (Nihon University), the 6th Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of China (2016) held at Dalian University of Technology. This time, the theme was “Frontier in Organic Synthesis toward Middle Molecular Strategy”, with Koichi Fukase (Osaka Univ.) and Takayuki Doi (Tohoku Univ. Yakuhin) as the Japanese representative leaders and Chinese leader is Prof. Biao Yu (Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry), six invited speakers from China are invited and a forum is held with six speakers from Japan. We hope that young generation will build a foundation to bridge the network between Japan and China and to deepen the understanding of both countries while building personal relationships and research.

Scheduled date

March 18th (Sat) 9.00 am – 5.00 pm


S2 ; Room J24, House B, Bldg. 4, Hiyoshi Campus, Keio University, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan


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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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