Yamanote Line round marathon

The first thing I wanted to do when I moved back to Tokyo is Yamanote Line round marathon ! In Nagoya, Meijio line round (31 km) and ran two rounds but the best marathon is still Yamanote Line. This time, I ran with Assistant Professor Muto and my students. For your information, Yamanote Line is as follows:

Operated in the center of Tokyo, the capital of Japan and at many stations, JR (conventional and Shinkansen) lines extending from the city center to various areas such as radiation lines of private railway companies and subways running through the city center connected. The length of one lap is 34.5 km, the time required for one lap is inward and outward is 59 minutes as standard, 61 minutes in the morning rush hour, 60-61 minutes in the evening rush hour (except for the stoppage time in Osaki).. The line color is the warbler color (JNR yellow green No. 6) used for the body color of the 103 series train that appeared in 1963. The color of the stainless steel vehicle that appeared and [8] passenger information (route map / sign) System) was also the main feature.

As mentioned above, it is 34.5 km per lap and it is not possible to actually run on the track since there is curvatures and uneven roads. Therefore, the actual total mileage is said to be about 42 km which is almost the same as the full marathon. The total number of stations is known to be around 29 stations. If a full run is completed it means it is equivalent to 30 stations.

I really wanted to shower in a hot spring after all the sweats. So I chose the best healing hot spring “SAKURA” in Sugamo, Tokyo where it has a nice parking lot. We depart from Sugamo station.

The rule is, “Once you begin running around, take a picture with a JR signboard at every stops and enjoy the surroundings. If you happen to stop by an interesting place, take a detour”

When I decided to go to Komagome but for some reason I went to Otsuka in the reverse direction. In the end, the result took nearly 8 hours, but I finished it safely! Photos of the route and all stations are as follows.




Actually, I could have taken all the pictures in the train without running. I took some photos along the way anyway.

I was very tired and took the final picture. After this, we went straight to hot spring and got my muscles healed. Thank you everyone for your hard work.

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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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