Uminohikai 2017

Following last year, the summer event “Uminohikai” was held again this year.

The Marine day has passed but it is still Uminohikai event which is planned by M1! The itineraryis in (#Asako’s pamphlet)。


Hegiso (lunch)

The first destination is Gunma Perfecture and I hope the first meal will be beyond my expectation. Sadly, it is not ramen (hah)

Soba Restaurant Kakuya」has the high review in tablelogs.

It was a dynamic soba that interest 5 people and it was very delicious.

We were satisfied with additional tempura and duck soup but we were over budget …

After eating, we quickly moved on to the next event!


The next schedule is Canyoning! Canyoning is a thrilling river activity such as sliding a natural waterslide or diving to a waterhole.

(In fact, this is the only story that Keio Senda Lab was doing on a summer trip and we wanted to do it on HP).

Gradually, it became a thrilling course, sliding down a 20m waterfall.

We enjoyed nature such as diving from the head and 8m jump!

Many photos are taken.


After that, we went to the nearby hot spring “Suzumori-no-Yu” because my body got cold from canyoning. The open-air bath with a view of the waterfall was pleasant.

Asako showed the spirit and gave me the ice cream.

Kamameshi (Dinner)

For dinner, we head to Ikaho and head to “Kiyoya”, a famous restaurant for pot rice.「時代屋」.

The hot pot rice was very delicious and the atmosphere of the shop was the very warm.

This is the ed of our journey.

Traveling with 15 people is relatively easy to travel but from next year onwards, there will be more people so it will be difficult to plan the trip …

Next year, I am looking forward to power of B4 planning!

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