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Hi. I am Kayashima from B4.

This was my first time in 2 months since I wrote about my favorite tea. If you read about it, you might know that I love my 500 mL PET bottle green tea and oolong tea … but I will turn it around now. Other lab members often ask me, “Would you like to make this subject a series?” Or “What will you write for the next blog?” That’s why I thought I’d write a continuation about tea this time …. There is no particular reason lol.

Most people will start off their blog with a greeting but I am just going to jump into my second favorite thing in the world which is drama. Speaking of drama, I like drama that the performers show on a TV screen but my most favorite genre is criminal. Let me tell you a little about my favorite “partner”. Below are a few photos related to “Aibo”. . .


“Aibo” is a popular criminal drama that is broadcast on TV Asahi and many people might know it. To briefly explain the outline, two police inspectors (Sugishita Ukyo and ◯◯; currently the 4th generation) who are assigned to the fictional Special Missions Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. It is a buddy that solves difficult cases but sometimes it is characterized by a wide range of stories such as comedies and occults from large-scale socialists and large-scale incidents. Since the start of broadcasting in 2000, the season that has been broadcast to date is 15 periods (season 2), and the number of stories has exceeded 250 episodes. I first watched it since 6th grade and has been a huge for about 10 years.


The reason why I am addicted to this drama is the actors’ acting, the script is well-developed as well as the tempo of the story goes well with the interaction of the characters. The reality of the script stands out especially in the socialists [Atonement Case, Judge System, Disappeared Pension, Poverty Problem, Fallen … etc]. This drama broaden my aspects and allow me to think more.


Due to the nature of criminal dramas, the completion of one episode is the main requirement because many screenwriters are often responsible for the amount of story material required. This drama is very intriguing. To some extent, when anyone become a fan, you will be able to understand the way the story will be written by screenwriters. (In fact, I have a clear preference for each screenwriter.) ← Probably a pretty maniac view. . 


Other dramas might have focused more on social aspects but in “Aibo”, this drama is unique in a sense that it tackle topics which difficult to deal discuss such as Cloned humans, Schrodinger’s cats, multiple personalities … etc. I think this drama is inspiring and I have gained a little knowledge of the law (especially criminal law and criminal law).

To be honest…. since I am a die-hard fan of this drama, it is obviously this short article is not enough. Sorry if this article is too long (previous article was hard to read, sorry for that!).

Till next time..

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