God eater Ishitobi

Hi everyone! This is Matsushita, D1 of Yamaguchi Laboratory..

Recently, I participated in “Number ◯ Yamaguchi Lab Gourmet Competition”(Caution: there is no such thing).

The participants are as follows:-

  1. Ishitobi:A small meal maker
  2. Saito:Yamaguchi’s physically strong contender – 1 point
  3. Matsushita:Middle-aged Mickey Mouse

The aim is to complete the “Kamimori” (noodle amount 1,040 g) that Asako was unable to overcome in three attempts. (Courtesy: Yura soba restaurant “Noodles”, just in front of the science and engineering campus). Everyone will stop until “Asako shouted” that is the end margin.

Now, everyone is ready with their food choices, good start!

Usually the thin Ishitobi will struggle a lot with the large portion of food. Maybe, kamimori is too early for him?

Everyone was giving up and feels impossible to complete…. but only one person was different.

Chopsticks don’t go as expected. Breathing is somewhat rough. I have cold sweat and suddenly start to feel wiggle and jiggle in my stomach.

However, Ishitobi’s eyes were not dead!

Gourmet bowl with plenty of noodles. My eyes are bloody!

Somebody slowly chews, Ishitobi is so motivated.

The noodles are gradually decreasing and after about 35 minutes, we all are finished !!

It was a memorable moment when his status changed from a light meal eater to the title of “God Eater”.

Congratulations Ishitobi!

Aside from that, Saito-san completed a meal of Kamimori, Matsushita was Kamidai (noodle amount 1,140 g) + mayo topping and stopped at a convenience store for a post-meal dessert. It was a very good day ♪

To conclude, Asako was the lousiest among us and gained less recognition. The end.

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