Aiming to be a sweet boy

Hello! My name is Kondo from B4 and I have just recently joined Yamaguchi Laboratory.

This is my first blog and I am so excited to write about my favorite “sweets” that I am so addicted to. ( A young boy who loves sweets ー`дー). Tapioca is typically popular but I love pancakes and French toast the most. In this blog, I would like to introduce the top 3 the food I ate before.

No 3 : Iivorish(アイボリッシュ) (Shibuya)

The third place is Ivorish in Shibuya! As shown in the photo. It is a French toast with plenty of volume. I ordered Berry Deluxe but the others seems delicious too. The price was a little bit expensive but it was very satisfying! Half size and other selections are also available so even a small meal is okay. Please come and visit!

アイボリッシュ 渋谷店 (Ivorish) – 渋谷/フレンチトースト [食べログ] › … › 渋谷フレンチトースト › 渋谷駅フレンチトースト



No 2. Original Pancake House (Kichijoji)

The original pancake house which features a new sensation called Dutch Baby!. Add lemon to the butter-made dough and it will be refreshing and easy to eat! I tried to eat a lot of berries because it is limited and the taste fits well (I love berries, lol). I recommend this because there are limited seasons!

オリジナルパンケーキハウス 吉祥寺店 (The Original PANCAKE HOUSE … › … › 吉祥寺パンケーキ › 吉祥寺駅パンケーキ



No1. Sarabeth’s (Shinjuku)

The top place was Sarabeth in Shinjuku LUMINE. It’s famous for the Egg Benedict called “The Queen of Breakfast in New York”, but the French toast was exceptional. I applied fresh cream and maple to the crispy dough and it was just right. But, I felt it was sweet and I could eat as much as possible. The ambience of the restaurant feels good and adult-like. Please come here! I highly recommend!

サラベス ルミネ新宿店 (Sarabeth’s) – 新宿/カフェ [食べログ] › … › 新宿・代々木・大久保カフェ › 新宿カフェ › 新宿駅カフェ




There are many other delicious restaurants but I’ve listed some of them for now. If you have any shops to recommend, please tell me m (_ _) m.
See you soon!

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