Ramen around Waseda Univ. Part 3

This is my second time writing a blog.

Sorry for making everyone wait for 20 days since my last article. I realized I have kept so many ramen pictures in my iPhone. As a university teacher, I feel extremely happy after successfully completing my first class. So I would like to reminiscence on all the ramen photos taken before.

In my opinion, I think will be good to use table log to eat ramen at Waseda University. Please check out the first, second articles for reference.

Ramen Manrai

Actually, I have been here before arriving in April by myself. My comment would be the the pork is juicy and soup is light soy sauce based.


Tokyo Aburasoba (Main branch)

I went here unexpectedly on a Sunday in April. There was a similar shop with the same name in Nagoya but it tastes differently. Its delicious but  I personally prefer Nagoya’s style.



OB Tsuji-san from Itami Lab came over and visited. He mentioned previously that he wished to come here so I brought him to Misato. At first glance, it looks really oily with fats floating on top but surprisingly the soup was light and delicious. I find it funny that this restaurant is so close to the university and its quite delicious yet so little customers came.


Tokyo Menchintei Honpo Waseda

My craving for abura soba continues. So, I decided to go to Tokyo Menchintei Honpo Waseda on Sunday by myself. The taste was not satisfying at all. The one I craved most was a shop at Tokyo but it has closed down already. I plan to try more at the University of Agriculture.



This place is famous for its family ramen around Waseda. The best feature of this ramen is the muddy-type soup. However, it has strong animal odor but if you add little vinegar, the soup become mellow and delicious.


Menya Sou

The famous salt ramen shop in Takadanobaba. This place earned a first place in a ramen event. I think it taste like Sugakiya.


Nakamoto Takadanobaba

Nakamoto Takadanobaba is known for its extremely spicy Arctic noodle, which was also introduced in a TV show, “Koizumi san”. I still remember the hot Mongolian tanmen taste I ate during the weekday and recalled that a pretty woman who ate the spicy ramen without sweat. I am going to challenge the Arctic for 5 days.


Ramen Yamaguchi

A Michelin store in Tokyo. We ate together at Takadanobaba last street and the soup was so delicious. If the noodle is cooked in a hard way, it might taste weird.


Pork Max

The manager has changed and reopened, leaving the Tonkotsu University signboard and store almost intact. The classic “katakoi” was not communicated when ordering (hard and dark), and I had a bad feeling when it was serve.


Hyori Ramen

A ramen shop that is found when you enter a little path from Takadanobaba. If increasing the DX Nakamori Yasai, a ramen of less than 1 kg came out. For this ramen, the taste was not persistent but it was delicious until the end. Thanks to the students who recommended to me.


This is the end! My immediate goal is to find delicious abura soba and thanks to all the staff. I enjoyed all the meals.

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