Springer Japan New Year’s planning is hot!

Sorry for the late post. Happy New Year Everyone!

In the beginning of year 2017, Yamaguchi Lab has been busy with experiments and graduation thesis but when it comes to take a break, a great excitement appear in Facebook.

Is everyone using Facebook?

□ Yes

□ No

If you answered yes, please proceed to the following. If you answered no, please create an account and continue below.

Next, Do you know Springer Japan?

□ Yes
□ No

If you answered yes or no, please search for “Springer Japan” on Facebook.

The following screen will appear. It’s a publisher with a logo, knights in chess.

Please scroll for the timeline below.

There is a post about New Year’s card project every year (I did not know). This year, there is a photo contest with the theme “research life”. If you click on the link below, you can see the work submitted by everyone.

It came well and everybody looks like they have fun and great photos are displayed. There are many other things besides organic synthesis. I’m enjoying my research life (we’ve corrected the mosaic for copyright and other reasons).

If you scroll down a little more,

See! I have already posted them! A photo of “miracle” after evaporation which is always used during synthesis is posted! What a nice feeling? Moment when you are loved by compounds.

Our laboratory is excited about whether this photo is the best. When I took a second take, I’m looking at it with a feeling like “What’s happening now?”.

It looks like only me posted from Waseda University. Is it an exaggeration, Am I “Waseda Representative”?

Everyone please support us. If you follow the steps in this blog, you can vote in less than a minute until January 20th (tomorrow).

We look forward to your vote of support!

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