Public bath near the University

The cold days are still breezing through this month. Recently, I spend more time on using laptop to do graduation thesis and presentations for annual meetings.

Currently, I am doing desk work near our office window while fighting the cold wind which constantly blows to my body.

Ofcourse, I still have the drive to do experiment without slowing down the pace so it is time to gear up.

I will say “I will not go home and do my best today!” At that time, I usually go to the University nearby coin shower to wash off my tiredness. There is a public bath that Asako and I went before at Takadanobaba and decided to go today. So, we decided to go today! (We invited Isshiki who lives alone but he rejected us)

Kensenyu” is about 10 minutes from the school. (I was able to take various pictures because I went at night)

It seems to open for 24 hours! Feeling grateful! Tension has risen at the entrance because of our familiarity of this public bath.


I was a little disappointed that Mt. Fuji was not drawn on the wall which is often seen in public baths …

There is a rock bath that does not blow through, which can be called a semi-open-air bath..


It seems that there is a pond with a waterfall flowing through the glass of a rock bath and a shark swimming there, but it was a night, so I could not confirm it …

Although we enjoyed a public bath like this, what I felt out of the bath was,

My body became so hot that I feel so sleepy and I don’t feel like doing experiment anymore … (laughs). Be aware when entering this bath or else you will not be able to enter.

Please feel free to visit this place when you feel tired or not a refreshing bath.

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