Participated in OMCOS19

On the 25th June 2017, I participated OMCOS19 at Jeju Island, Korea.

OMCOS stands for Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis。

My flight time is weird so I can only take the flight departing at 6:20 in the morning and eventually get on the plane all night. It was convenient because the first limousine bus starts departing at 4 am and I can walk to the bus station using 5 minutes only.

In the airport, I tried to speak English to the taxi driver but he did not understand but somehow I managed to reach Gimpo International Airport. I arrived more than an hour earlier, and was jealous of the venue because the size is as  big as a baseball stadium (although there was nothing in particular).

会場のICC Jeju。でかい

The conference started with a lecture by Prof. R. H. Grubbs.

On the first day, the logistics manager was all over the place when Prof. Grubbs is about to do his presentation. During his presentation (90 minutes), the computer disconnected every 10 minutes. I think any presenters would be unhappy if the computer keeps breaking down.

「The PC has run out again. I wonder if I should drink water in the meantime.」

I was impressed that the audience is so cool about it and everyone are laughing.


The conference started with a lecture by Prof. R. H. Grubbs.

Prof. MacMillan’s presentation was the best. It is my first time attending such conference so I was overwhelmed with the clear vision and masterpieces (Nature, Science only, only one JACS).

The interesting part was MacMillan’s wife ( Korean) tried to chaired him and introduced him to me in 10 minutes. MacMillan himself talked with his wife in the first 10 minutes and the society was completely personalized. Is he a privilege? When I was a student, my wife was studying organic chemistry at the time. I was actually surprised that Photoredox was reported as an organic catalyst in JACS in 1992.



Others are OMCOS Award Prof. Ruben Martin, Nagoya University’s Prof. Itami, somewhat maniac but personally my favorite is Prof. Oestreich, with a performance that goes up on the stage while scolding (laughs) Prof. Ritter who was polished to coolness etc. Was it particularly impressive?





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