Sunday Guerrilla Shabu Shabu

Last day, I received a set of beef for shabu shabu and decided to eat it with everyone in the lab.

Although, Yamaguchi Lab is a new laboratory and been 2 years only but it has increased to 15 people.

If you think about eating on weekdays, the share per person will be as much as a sparrow’s tears.

So, I decided to eat secretly on Sunday when there are few people.

I was very happy that we were able to eat on Sunday because the share is just the right amount.

The difference between eating ramen last year and now, beef is such a luxurious dinner.

The next day, B4 (I-kun and S-san) complained about not able to eat the meat but I do not care and have no ears to listen to them. If you want to eat beef, please do experiment on Sunday!

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