Setting up labware

The setup of the equipment was almost finished before Golden Week. Here are some of the equipments from the Yamaguchi laboratory from manufacturers who have offered special prices.


LC / MS is essential for organic synthesis research. Trace amounts of products produced by the reaction can also be confirmed by mass spectrometry. This is a quadrupole but the most expensive product. I have used Shimadzu since I was in America and it rarely breaks. Moreover, I could obtained Shimadzu at a half price.


Advanced Automated Flash Purification IsoleraTM Prime (Biotage)

Easy purification of compounds can be carried out. Considering that there is no place to set up a column in the future, we will only use a pipette column. It was known that if experiment falls somewhere, I hope for a different place to put the arm. I was so impressed that Biotage offers to give me an exceptional price.


Gas Chromatography (Shimadzu Corporation)

This is also an indispensable product for synthetic chemistry experiments. Draw a calibration curve to find the yield. It’s nice to have Mass Spectrometry but there were not enough budget. Thanks to Shimadzu for the low price, we could use a GC.



Solvent evaporator. Without this equipment, no experiment can be done. Luckily, this was received from a pharmaceutical company. Still, it takes hundreds of thousands of additional items such as diaphragm pumps and cooling water circulation devices to set up.


Japan Freezer (Nihon Freezer)

Space saving-type of freezer which is indispensable for storing reagents and samples.


Ultrapure water equipment Direct-Q (Merck Millipore)

The water was expensive so I purchased pure water production equipment. Mainly used for LC / MS.



Vacuum Drying oven (Yamato Scientific Co. Ltd)

Necessary for drying glassware and PTLC heating.


Mini evaporator (Techno sigma)

Excellent product that can distill off solvent in space-saving.


Precision balance (Shimadzu Corporation)

The experiment begins with measuring the reagent. 2 units were granted from a pharmaceutical company but 1 was purchased only.



Stores moisture absorbing chemicals. This was also a gift.


Laboratory chair

Students will likely to be in the laboratory so a good quality one was bought. It is a mystery to buy a chair in a laboratory because most people do experiments standing up.

Printer (Fuji Xerox)

Printer for desk work is the most important. Although, Waseda University provides many printer in the teacher’s room, it is too crowded.2016-04-30_02-54-04

Star Chief Jungle(Oriental GIKEN)

Essential for installing manifolds and glassware. At first glance, it’s just a stainless steel rod, but it’s surprisingly expensive.
2016-04-30_02-56-27To be honest, if you add the ones introduced here, and the small equipment and consumables, it will cost you X million. I realize that running a laboratory would require massive hard work.

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