Ramen around Waseda Univ. Part 2

My previous article on “ramen around Waseda Univ part 1” had a lot views from everyone so I decided to talk about ramen again. I am so annoyed with the slow registration of reagents in Golden Week but let me introduce to you 10 pictures of ramen.

All these ramen shops can be reached within a 10-15 minute walk. Maybe there is still more places I have not explore yet。How many more restaurants are they?

At this point, this have become a blog about ramen。


Bori. Umu Nishiwaseda Main Store.

A ramen shop right next to Nishiwaseda Station. This is a soba dish but it was full of juice and it taste really bad.



A ramen shop near the intersection of Takadanobaba exit of pedestrian, whereby it was unusually crowded. Ancestry. It was surprisingly delicious.



It is just a short distance from the Takadanobaba exit intersection. Doesn’t look like a ramen shop from afar. Is it a thick broth soup of seafood and pork bones? Recommended for people who like boiled and dried sardines broth.



Nirayama Takadanobaba

This is also near the Takadanobaba exit intersection. A lot of chicken white hot spring ramen now. It looks beautiful and tastes so delicious. Recommended for ladies who Iike refreshing broth.



Taiwan dumpling restaurant

One of the two rustic Chinese restaurants closest to Building 62. It is a place where you can eat with a full stomach at budget price of 550-700 yen, but I didn’t feel like eating a set meal so I tried to make noodles. Although it wasn’t big enough, it does not taste bad as it seems.


Men Kubota

I went here before with 秦くん. I really wanted to go to a ramen shop called Misato, but I didn’t made it there. As usual, it ’s bad luck. This store has already sold out everything except for ordinary ramen. The taste was surprisingly delicious.


Tsurugi men

A restaurant that serves ramen baked noodles. Lets just say, there is no need to bake. All ruined!.



Barikote Takadanobaba

Hakata ramen shop near Takadanobaba Station. I wanted to go there all the time because of the high rating of the eating log, but I was disappointed.. Authentic Hakata Ramen is for sale, but it was too authentic. Nagahama Ramen has a strong smell and a light taste. Ippudo and Ichiran, etc., The taste was bad compared to the rest. Sorry.2016-05-02_16-17-34

Mitsuyado Seimen Takadanobaba

This was a family because there was a review saying “Family-oriented noodle shop”. A shop that stands out at the Takadanobaba exit intersection. Certainly there are tables and children’s chairs, so even families can enter. Yuzu flavored noodles and I think it taste normal. Suitable for children.

2016-05-02_16-21-09Noodle Horse House

Immediately after entering Takadanobaba Station on Sakae Street. Family ramen. Very normal. This family ramen was not a failure

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