Seminar: Prof. Masayuki Wasa

On the 20th Nov 2017, we have invited Assistant professor Masayuki Wasa from Boston College for a lecture in Waseda University.

I was very honored to have introduced Dr. Wasa’s paper at the abstract meeting (published in Chemste).

I had a discussion about research with Jun-san, Kei-san, and Isshiki since he arrived in the afternoon.

Moreover, I am glad that I got so many opportunities to speak to the Professors before lecture. I receive various advices and encouragement from them (I’m so nervous …)

After the discussion, the lecture starts. It was a very interesting talk about a new reaction using FLP with unpublished data. I look forward to more interesting reactions using FLP!

The presentation was in English but question and answer was in Japanese. Luckily, it was in Japanese or else I could not have asked many questions.

And this time, students participated in the drinking party after the lecture. Dr. Wasa gave a greeting (?) for the Waseda ceremony. Thanks to delicious meal, it was very fun.

Of course it’s not just the first party! There was also a second drinking party as usual (laughs).

Thank you very much for your insightful lecture, Dr. Wasa!


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