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Hello, this is Nakayama from B4. I think there are many people who have fallen sick recently because the temperature outside have decreases a lot.

I am fighting with the futon every morning. The futon is the best.

Currently, I have changed my laptop to Apple MacBook and have become a Mac user. Mac speakers have high-performance so it’s a shame not to use speakers !

That’s why the theme of today’s blog is BGM.

Would you like to hear to BGM while shaking the separatory funnel or adding a reagent in the pot?

I would like to introduce to you some of the recommended BGMs I personally selected

Tchaikovsky Slavic March

The above is the first song. ‘March’ makes people dance to their delight even though it is just march. If experimenting while eating seaweed, you may become more used to it.

to be continue

Male voice choir suite “Jomon Rhapsody”

This is a song composed by Prof. Kazuaki Kukubo, the composer of “IN TERRA PAX” feeling reminiscence from the choral competition.

You will be jealous once you hear this intensity. Personally, I recommend listening to the second song while shaking the separatory funnel.

By the way, I also sang “Jomon” Love “, one of the “Jomon” series when I was in second grade. I think that it is not suitable to listen to this music while doing something because the tune is quite intense.

One more choral connection

“Signpost no Uta” for two groups of male chorus and piano.

It is a song by Mr. Miyoshi who is famous in the choral world. A teacher who writes difficult songs but I think this song is relatively easy to hear.

Good melody and lyrics. The pro of doing experiment while listening to BGM is the performance time of about 7 minutes is equal to the time of dripping of the reagent.

However, be careful not to add too much reagent at once.

One last song

Chikuwa parfait ☆ CKP

From the first song to the second song, it is all traditional songs so I will change the taste of the song for the last one.

Lyrics and rhythms which I don’t understand at all (melody is friendly).

TLC in the reaction system is messed up. Not separated by column. It’s recommended that you listen to it when you feel stress.

.I tried to write a recommended song. Looking back, there seems to be no content.

Everyone is getting cold so please be careful to tale care of your physical condition.

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