Awaji → Gamagori → Nagoya → Amaike-kun visit (Tokyo)

There were various events and outings happened last week. Participated in Ryan’s lecture on Monday and ISONIS-11 (The 11th International Symposium on Integrated Synthesis) held on Awaji Island from Wednesday.

It was a good place in Dream Stage + Westin but it is far away. I feel so tired and I wonder if Maiko would do it. However, there are quite a few lectures and social gatherings. After that, I go to bed around 3.00 pm.

I could not enjoy the nice hotel that I stayed over because I am always not in but I am able to enjoy only the morning view.

[Postscript] Photo of the day.

However, it was good to have a delicious breakfast as a daily routine. The next day is Friday and I had to go to Gamagori early in the morning to attend the next young symposium for new academic fields so I took a bus again to Shin-Kobe Station. From Shin-Kobe to Nagoya → Gamagori. The train from Nagoya to Gamagori was delayed due to a problem and I waited for a shuttle bus to reach the hotel.

I have arrived at “Hotel Tatsuki”. This time, I went there just to listen to the lectures in the seminar. There are about 30 participants. I hope that more and more young man will be present but I think those number is too low (haha). The lecture by Chris Uyeda (Japanese American) who was an invited lecture from Purdue University in the United States was interesting. I took a picture with the participants when I am in a good view. In the evening I went drinking at a social gathering again until 3 am.

The next day (Saturday) will be a lecture from the morning and ends before noon. I took a ride by car driven by Omatsu to visit Nagoya University. After visiting the Itami laboratory, I drank with the laboratory members at night. As expected, it was a drinking party and I slept on the way in a fierce drinking party but this was also until about 3 o’clock. A B4 wants to eat ramen so we take a taxi from university to Nishiki. At 4 o’clock, make a “lid” in the rainy season soba and return to Nagoya University. At least 10,000 yen ramen. I like this kind of thing. Itami Lab’s students are also active and intense so we have to do our best so that we can’t lose.

Then sleep a little until around 8am and jump on the bullet train. Although it was Sunday, a student from Nagoya, Amanike-kun (currently a PhD researcher at Kyoto University, Hamachi Laboratory) visited my home and laboratory in Tokyo. After spending some quality time at home then I headed to the laboratory, Ishiki and Okita were experimenting so Ishiki-kun and the photo (top photo). Thank you for the autumn souvenir from Kyoto! After that, we had lunch at Kagurazaka with Amanike-kun and his family.

This week is a lecture by Mr. Wasa on Monday, a drinking party with third graders on Friday, a lecture and drinking party at Science Agora tomorrow (Sunday), and a drinking party.

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