Visitor 15

O-Chugen received from Yoshidomi-kun, Kajino-kun and Hattori-san.

It took a while but the day before Open Campus, Yoshitomi, D3, from Itami Laboratory of Nagoya University and Ninja-kun visited the laboratory.

Ninja-kun has decided to work for Mitsui Chemicals next year and this time he came for a recruitment party. Since he is from Yamaguchi Perfecture, I was hoping for alcohol, “Dassai”, but it was a souvenir from Nagoya. Thank you for your visit and souvenir!

Recently, Mr. Kanno and Mr. Hattori gave me O-Chugen. Mr. Hattori has completed his master’s degree in my group at Itami Lab and is currently working for a chemical manufacturer. Two person in my lab decided to have a wedding next year and have already registered. Having a wife, I also traveled together with her every time so I hope to be in a good relationship with them in the future. The O-Chugen consist of beer and juice. Thank you!


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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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