Year end classical music: Listen to the delightful song ♪

Hello! I am the middle-aged Mickey Mouse Matsushita of D1!

I couldn’t withstand the cold so I finally wore a Heat Tech Inner. At the end of the year, I noticed that 7 months had passed being in Yamaguchi Lab. I will do my best.

Well, what do you think about year-end traditions?

Some people say Christmas, red and white song fights, Kentucky, martial arts, children’s use should not be laugh at.

In my case, the first thing that comes to mind is the <Song of Delight>, that is, “Ninth (Composed by Beethoven, Symphony No. 9)” ♪

At the end of the year, the melody of <joyful song> flows alongside the Christmas song so you may have heard of it. (By the way, listening to the ninth at the end of the year seems to be about Japan and Germany)

Since it was also used by Evangelion, there may be someone who knows it.

It’s a beautiful and catchy melody, so once you listen to it, you’ll never forget it. Somehow, there is an image that is flowing in the big-sale commercials at department stores and supermarkets at the end of the year.

Does anyone knows?

Actually, this <delight song> is a small part of the 4th movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No.9♪

The melody of <joyful song> is wonderful by itself but after all, it’s true that the music is truly wonderful when you listen to it throughout the 4th movement which is beautifully and dramatically composed.

Although it is very simple, I will explain its configuration (see wiki for details).

<Contents of the 9th and 4th movements>

  1. Orchestral performances that are not related to the delightful song (in fact, recollections of the 1st to 3rd movements)
  2. Presenting a song of joy by orchestra (starting to deny the music of 1.)
  3. An orchestra + tenor, baritone, soprano, alto singing song of delight (started to deny 2.)
  4. An orchestra + solo + chorus of joy (I think everyone knows this. It will become more and more magnificent music)

That is how it flow. Since the song of joy isn’t playing, it is necessary to endure at first but when you get used to it, you will be able to feel its splendor.

I will post some of my recommended performances so if you are interested, please listen to it! (BPO sweat)

*The 4th movement takes about 25 minutes to play the whole music. Listen only when you have time and feeling (laughs).

1)Herbert von Karajan + Berlin Philharmonic, 1977 Silvester Concert

A gorgeous performance that is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the tops of orchestra art. Conducting, orchestra, solo, chorus are all high levels! The song of delight. Because it’s live, that cool Karajan is burning in the record!

2)John Eliot Gardiner + Orchestral Revolutionel et Romantic

A periodical classic performance based on the technique used at the time, when the song was created. Today, such high-speed performances have become mainstream. There is an exhilarating excitement that is a bit different from the gorgeous performance of the past like 1). It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling.  Each instrument can be heard fairly clearly so it is a good way to understand the original structure of the song.♪

3)Wilhelm Furtwengler + Berlin Philharmonic, 1942

Last but not least, everyone knows (?) Dr. Furtwengler. Speaking of Ninth, I will give Todome to Furtwengler! The biggest weakness is that it’s mono and bad but it’s the ultimate explosive performance where elements of Beethoven’s music (enthusiasm, tragedy, victory, etc.) are condensed. I think that it is the pinnacle of reproduction art that can be achieved because of the extreme state of wartime. Really, if the sound is good, it would be perfect. . . Tears

If you like classical music, you probably know it, but the entire program version of “Ninth” performed by the NHK Symphony Orchestra is broadcast on TV every year on the back program of the Red and White and Gaki Ambassadors. Maybe this year too? If you read this blog, please check it out

Last but not least, the 1st to 3rd movements omitted this time are very wonderful songs. There is a comment that the music is actually better than the 4th movement (especially the 3rd movement! Heavenly peace). Please listen when you have a chance ~ ♪

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