Huge oiled ramen NoodleHuge oiled ramen Noodle

Finally, results of entrance exam to enter graduate school is announced!

The result is…… passed! But, I will announce my victory or failure against Komatsuda-kun.


The score I got is good, but promise is a promise, I went to eat the noodle bowl as a punishment ! !


Huge….. but I think I am fine now.

2016-07-20_13-48-21 I keep eating but why has it not decreased? Feels like vomiting.

Give up! Later, I was dead the whole time in the lab.

The punishment game seems to continue since I have not eaten ‘Kami mori’. I regret that I did not study more.

If it is about noodles, please take a look at the picture taken with 3 people in it..

【4/10/2016】It was difficult because it was a god-sized.. If you are godly, you can definitely do it, I boast to him! Today, it ’s in great condition, so it ’s a voluntary revenge! The result is … I can only eat about Onimori + α, and it was defeated. The oil is tight! I came back to the lab and fall asleep straight away. Congratulations.

【28/11/2016】】I couldn’t eat it because it was hot. And when it gets cold, it’s no longer delicious! I can eat it if it’s not hot! Asako-kun released a mysterious comment and made a second failure. Aiming for honesty for the third time, Kamimori challenge! The result was failed. Can he be God? …

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卒業生。この1年で7キロ増量!! ださいたま出身。



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