Let’s element!

Good evening. My name is Tomoaki Takahara. Yesterday, Jun-san received a mysterious cards named ‘Play with trumps!‘.

B4 gathered at the table and played a game called “Elemento” at “Element Trump 2.0

There are two unfamiliar words that I will explain briefly.

Element trump 2.0

A playing card from a chemical doujin. Elementary particles and elements are written in beautiful pictures. It consists of 118 elements and 31 elementary particles.


Elemento is played like UNO and the person with the last card will throw, shout and wins!


Another rule is we need to shout elemento till Building 63 resonates with our voices.

For details, please see the following URL (Chemical Doujinshi).

Moreover, I was strict when I played this game except for the sailor ribe~~~ (haha)

Can you play in this state? I am a bit worried but what happened exactly?

Actually, I enjoyed playing the game even if I didn’t remember much of the elements.

Even if I don’t know anything, all the knowledge necessary for a game such as period and groups and also number of electrons are written on the card so there was no problem.

I usually got elementary particles that are inaccessible and elements in the 6th and 7th periods so it is perfect for relieving allergies like “I want to remember the periodic table but there are some elements that I don’t understand …”. It was the best I could do.

However, there was only “Element Trump” and it was a card game that says “You can enjoy it without memorizing it, but it will be more fun if you memorize it”.

I decided to memorize the periodic table. Now that I am able to memorize till the actinide. I feel I great and wish to continue more.

If I play one more time, I am sure that I (and I) have memorized the table !!

If you are interested in the periodic table, please try on your own time.

That’s all for today.

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