Yamaguchi Lab’s dinner arrangement

Hello everyone. My name is Hoshi from B4.

This year has gone by very quickly and it has been two months since I joined this laboratory. Recently I have dinner with everyone in the laboratory every day. However, there are 14 people so it is not a good number because we cannot eat at the same place.

For this reason, a captain of dinner was appointed and decides three “rice groups” in advance for a week and goes by these teams. Asako is the captain of dinner.

What do you eat everyday? There are several food reports I wish to mention (only ramen) since I ate a lot soI decided to write about it.

This time I would like to introduce some of my views from a restaurant that I went to eat dinner while interviewing other 4th graders.

Noodle Musashi Takatora

I’ve never been here before but it looks like a famous restaurant.

There have been several other tsukemen shops but the soup was particularly delicious here.

Nakayama「I am full with 500g. Maybe 550g is my limit.」

By the way, the picture shown is the weight of the noodles before boiling it. So scary!

Menya Kokoro

Taiwan Maze Soba. I like it a lot and have came here several times. Even the rice refill was so delicious. It is important so I will say it again, Taiwan Maze Soba.

Kayashima「(First time to the shop) Since soy sauce ramen is cheap, I will order it」

Kayashima「(Second visit)This time I will try salt ramen

Kayashima「(Third time, his first time ordering Taiwan Maze Soba) Why did I even ordered ramen all these times・・・?」

It seems that Kayashima has noticed the deliciousness of Taiwan Mazesoba. I think it would be better if ordered from the beginning.


Many people think of Himawari as tsukemen shop but this restaurant I am introducing is a set meal.

This restaurant is famous for its meat potatoes and it was very delicious according to its reputation.

Ishitobi「A very calm shop」

Certainly, I feel this restaurant is the most relaxed in terms of taste and atmosphere among other shops introduced. The others may have been too noisy.


A shop next to the Yakisoba restaurant is called Mikasa. Image is close to oil soba.

The top photo is actually shown here and our B4 ace, Nakayama refill his rice bowl again.

Besides, the rice refilling is weird and the owner’s spirit is tremendous perhaps speaking as much as you can.

Hisada「Medium is enough・・・」

It seems quite difficult for him to eat a lot because he eats snack the most in the laboratory.

However, when he was in good appetite, he ate a large meal and a small amount of rice refill (although the less quantity in this restaurant is not little). He is definitely growing too.


Needless to say, it is a famous store. I like this store a lot and frequently come here to have dinner.

You can choose the amount of noodles and toppings for free, so you can adjust them according to your tastes and moods (of course, we don’t have any options other than a big one).

This time I happened to have a lot of stamps on my card so I ask for more rice but there were too much.

Sorry for waiting for me outside.

To conclude, I was going to write an article that is not related to ramen but turns out to be a ramen blog again. There are still many shops I wish to introduce and I hope somebody will write the next blog as second part.

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