More friends gave end of year gifts!

Sorry for the late post, We received a year-end gift from Itami Laboratory, OB・OG of 松井くん, 久保田さん, 梶野夫妻.

Thank you Amaike-kun!

Assorted instant soup! It is useful for lunch. All are delicious and it is from Matsui-kun

Looks like a very delicious Catalana! Somehow Asako looks frustrated here but that is his normal face.

I will add my year-end gift to Kubota-san in my letter tomorrow.

From Kubota, Caspian Sea yogurt! ! It is the first time receiving yoghurt as a year-end gift!

After trying the yoghurt, it is a shaky new texture yoghurt. Delicious! It also contains bacteria and the yoghurt that Asako made.

Finally, souvenirs from Mr. and Mrs. Sugano! I got a meat assortment! I’m looking forward to attending the wedding next March. I actually realized that today is January 5 after checking the meat left in the refrigerator. I’m sorry but I have used it at the New Year’s noodle par!

Thank you everyone!


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