Year-end cleaning & research presentation & party 2017

This year (2017) a little more.
Due to the payment of laboratories at the end of the year, a general cleaning at the end of the year, a research presentation, and a year-end party were held. I think it ’s almost 9 months since I entered the laboratory.

At the end of the year, because of the separation of the laboratory, we cleaned the area around the evapo and drafts that have always been taken care of. We cleaned up every corner by disassembling the evaporation that we don’t do with regular cleaning.

After cleaning the laboratory and became shiny due to the general cleaning, it is time to do the end of year laboratory research presentation. As a compilation for this year, each person made presentation slides and present them. It was B4 first time presenting and I was very nervous but I think I did a great job. At the end of the presentation, we announced our goals for next year and everyone set their own goals. I would like to work hard towards the goal next year! !

The research presentation is over and the year-end party starts at 18:00. I In the middle of the research presentation, Mr. Mukaiyama, who is a junior of Jun-san participated again this year. Shabu-shabu was done at “Japanese food and private room izakaya Ren-ren-“. I drank a lot and ate a lot! I’m tired of preparing for the presentation and some people are already dead … As usual, everyone was excited.

The second party was held in the lab with B3 and Mr. Inamoto from Hosokawa Lab. I drank a lot of ham and sausage from Kobayashi-san. B3 has a lot of interesting kids with a lot of personality and I’m looking forward to it from next year!

This year was a very good year of growth with lots of guidance from seniors and professors such as Jun-san and Kei-san. Next year, my juniors will come in and  I will do my best to be a role model for my juniors so that I won’t lose to my seniors.

Then please have a good year for everyone.

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