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Ramen around Waseda Univ. Part 3

This is my second time writing a blog.Sorry for making everyone wait for 20 days since my last article. I realized I have kept so many ramen pictu

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The day before yesterday, Chisa Kobayashi, who is a former student of my group visited at my laboratory.Thank you for coming here!It seems like sh

Experiment start

Yesterday, experiment has started! The pictures below commemorate the first step of experiments carried out by the undergraduate students. My advice i

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Today, Dr. Hiroki Kondo, Ph.D. student from Itami Laboratory has visited Yamaguchi Laboratory all the way from Nagoya. His research theme is breaking

Seminar: Dr. Mizoguchi

It was an honor to attend a lecture presented by Dr. Mizoguchi, a postdoctoral researcher at Dartmouth College, USA (research contents). The research

Korean barbecue2

Hey, I'm Takashi Asako, undergrad student at Yamaguchi group.We celebrated on korean BBQ for 16th anniversary of Chem-Station as well as "almost"

Visitor Part3

Dr. Matsui, who is an alumni of Itami Lab has paid a visit for the second time to our laboratory. He was in the same batch as Assistant Professor, Kei

Lab name plate

Without realization, the laboratory name plate is up!. A little more for laboratory startup! It took for at least 1 month, but hopefully I can officia