Hello everyone! Everyone might know what is Tepra. Tepra is used very often after the laboratory starts.

Picture of Tepra is shown below.

Is this Tepra?

I have used Tepra before a long time but it feels different this time. I am surprised that it has changed so much.

Firstly, there is no keyboard but there is output from the computer. No printer! Will I be able to print?

Yes, we can! The structural formula is stick on the reagent bottle cap. Taking advantage of this, Yamaguchi Lab made labels for all the samples to be send to Nagoya University using Tepra.



All synthetic samples and purchased reagents from Nagoya University are labeled like this.

Now it is over 1500 labels and Tepra was operated for 10 days during and after Golden week. Yamaguchi Lab is probably the world’s most active user of Tepra for this Golden week.

Even if there is an interview like “User’s voice” from KINGJIM, there is no surprise.

If you wish to search for a reagent, neatly paste chemical structure is glued to the reagent bottle cap.

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