Review de Debut of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

I wrote a review article in Review de Debut of the Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry published monthly by the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Association.

Review de Debut is introduced on the website of the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Association as follows.

“Review de Debut: Not a comprehensive paper that introduces the author’s own research but a summary of excellent research by other researchers from an academic or applied point of view. The author is a young researcher including doctoral students and researchers.”

This time, I took up the Catalytic Enantioselective Dihalogenation Reaction of Alkene which has nothing to do with my previous and current research.

Review de Debut, I have known for the last one or two years and I wanted to write it that time. This time my wish came true and I got this opportunity so I am very happy.

It may be about a month ahead to read online (registration required) but it has arrived at the members of the Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry on the December issue. I think it is enough for each members of the lab so I hope you can use your free time to read. There are about 50 reprints now so you can also hand them over (please ask).

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