Process Chemistry Winter Symposium 2016

After the lecture of the Library exhibition held the other day, I went to Tower Hall Funabori at Funabori to give a lecture for “Winter Symposium 2016” of the Japan Society of Chemical Processes. The image below shows a part taken for my blog not about my lecture. The program is as follows.




I have worked hard for the whole day and did not realized that it is already midnight. For the time being, I used the remaining time to check the summary of the lecture which I have submitted, lecture time, and made power point slides while thinking “I should have wrote like this.” I could not concentrate on that day and ended up finishing my slides at 10 am the next day. Recently, I prepared all my power point slides on the real day. Everytime, I plan to prepare my slides a little bit earlier but somehow I could not finish on time because the contents concentrate mainly on Chemistry.

I’ve never been to Tower Hall Funabori whereby lectures and workshops for various academic societies related to chemistry are held. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to eat ramen and went straight to the venue. It looks like a large hall that can accommodate 750 people. I thought of the size of a study group of about 100 people, so I regret that I should have made a little more slides.

タワーホール船堀 大ホール

タワーホール船堀 大ホール(タワーホール船堀HPより

Other speakers from academic are Mr. Takaya from Tokyo Tech and Mr. Omiya from Hokkaido University. He is a researcher with the same age as me and we often go together. Moreover, I heard from Professor Takahiko Akiyama of Gakushuin University that he is one of the caretakers of this symposium and that most of the scientists from private universities surprisingly attend..

From the looks of the pro-forum, it seems like this time many young researchers attend the symposium and my age looks to be the third oldest among them. Apparently, this lecturer was selected by a vote by Astellas researchers and I am so grateful for being selected. Participants are big companies but mainly pharmaceutical companies. Since junior and graduates often go to the Process Chemical Society, I was wondering what kind of symposium is this.

Except for the three speakers from academics, the contents are all related to process chemistry. There were many basic organic synthetic chemistry such as large-scale reactions, yield improvement by a little ingenuity, and shortening of the synthesis process of compounds incorporating new synthesis techniques.

It was good to meet Prof. Tomioka (President of Process Chemistry Society) after a long time and meeting Prof. Shioiri (DPPA developer, see here) for the first time. He had lectures in Waseda before so do you still remember Waseda’s 4th graders? It seems that Shioiri-sensei has always been looking at Chem station.

Japan Chemical Society of Chemistry is run mainly by companies, students only have an admission fee of 1000 yen and no annual fee. Besides, it seems that you can participate in the social gathering for 1.000 yen so I take it as an opportunity to join. I can talk with people from companies that I don’t meet often at the social gathering after the symposium. I would like to thank Dr. Akiyama and Dr. Ieda of Astellas Pharma for calling and taking care of me.

After the social gathering, I talk with Omiya-san at a bar near Bakurocho. Omiya-san talked not only an interesting chemistry and lab story but also a few researchers with vigor and personality. I talked to many people but it was nice to talk slowly with them. And this time I thought that I wont’t talk about ramen again but I ate Taiwan ramen for some reason at Menya Sora Higashi Nihombashi Branch, which was nearby. The taste was ok.


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Next week from today, I will give a lecture at the Chemistry Festa on Saturdays and Sundays. If all the contents are the same as the contents of the research, it is easy but “Electrical Academic Use”,

“Chemical Research”, “Chem-station Management” are different topics. Good experience but very tiring. Let’s do our best!

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