Open Campus

Waseda University open campus is held from August 6 to 7. There were many visitors from elementary school to high school students. The Department of Applied Chemistry offered mock lectures, laboratory tours, and hands-on experiments as special programs for each department. Then, the Yamaguchi laboratory is in charge of experimentation.

Today’ theme is “Let’s experience manufacturing at the molecular level using the Nobel Prize reaction”. I had the experience to do cross-coupling reaction which is a reaction that won Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2010.  Organic reaction is very interesting but it is plain and scratchy. Therefore, we improvised by using a cross-coupling reaction kit that can be enjoyed for trial purposes.



Experimental practice session is always very popular each year and distribution of numbered tickets started from 9 o’clock. In my lab, we prepare any apparatus ready for 30 minutes before the experiment starts. On that day, I talked about the details of the cross-coupling reaction, experiments, the reason for the phenomenon such as molecular stories to the junior high school students and high school students. It was very fun and I am very satisfied with the outcome. I will be in charge again next year and I plan to give my all in finding students who wish to be a future Chemists.

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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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