Research talk at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

I visited Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology for a lecture yesterday (September 30) because it is an invitation from Dr. Hiroki Ooguri of the Department of Applied Chemistry. Presentation slides are often made at midnight, one day before any conferences. This time I made it earlier so I went there early to Higashi-Koganei Station where the University of Agriculture and Technology is located. Surprisingly, it is close to Waseda, it takes about 30 minutes from Shin-Okubo Station to Shinjuku to Higashi Koganei.




I visited Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology for a lecture yesterday (September 30).

First of all, I went to lunch first because I was so hungry. I meet up with Miyauchi-kun, a graduate of the University of Agriculture and Technology, to the famous store “Hokka” in front of the station. Eventhough it was past noon, the shop is always full of people. Everyone ordered ‘Set meal!’ so I also ordered set meal. Apparently, it seems to be a set of fried rice and oil soba called Takara soba. The soba noodles were refreshing and very tasty. I thought I will go again but I was feeling so sleepy so I decided not to go again. Just pasting the picture of ramen on the slides and I am done for today.


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I walked for about 5 minutes and reached the University of Agriculture and Technology. It was bigger than I thought. Maybe because I am so used to Waseda’s small campus. There are so few people in the university. Is it because its a Friday and everyone is still on holiday? When I head to Shinichi Building No. 1 where Oguri-san’s laboratory and room are located, I met Mr. Mori. Mr. Mori has also been in charge of the laboratory at the University of Agriculture and Technology since April last year. After, they both invited me to a talk seminar.

After a short break time in Oguri’s room, we had a discussion with Assistant Professor Odagi of Nagasawa Lab. Odagi-san is a good young man from Nagasawa Lab who just became an assistant professor this year, the same year as our Muto. He talked about his current research which is the synthesis of natural products to me and later in the seminar. This time, the details of the research were cut as much as possible, and the contents were set to encourage students. Many questions were asked and seemed to be very popular. After the lecture, picture was taken with the teachers of the University of Agriculture and Technology (first top image).

After the lecture, a visit to the laboratory and lastly, to the social gathering. First of all, there is an okonomiyaki party with students in a seminar room. This kind of social gathering is much better than a social gathering with strict professors. That said, Mr. Oguri and Mr. Mori are not too stiff. It was nice to talk to students. Then, Mr. Oguri and assistant professors, Tsubouchi-san, Mori-san, Odagi-san from Oguri Lab and I went to Izakaya together. It was a fun party with sake and shochu.



Lastly, “Lid” is another famous ramen restaurant called “Kujira Shokudo” in Higashi Koganei.



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It’s quite refreshing and delicious. When returning home, the train I took was troublesome so I went to Nakano and took a taxi. I planned it so well already, why is it still so troublesome?

Thanks to Mr. Oguri and Mr. Mori who invited me and the teachers of the University of Agriculture and Technology!


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