Mister Donuts Challenge!

It is my first time writing a blog and I feel a bit embarrassed for writing it up. The reason is it is my third time doing these challenges. The first challenge was super spicy curry rice, the second was Mc Donalds (5 Large fries and 1 burger) and now 10 pieces of Mister Donuts.

The first challenge with Kitty


In this challenge, I was able to do it with Kitty Asahara. He managed to finish 10 pieces of donuts in 10 minutes which I found him to be out of his mind. However, it was quite interesting to see him eating donuts by swallowing instead of chewing.

On the other hand, I could only manage to finish in 30 minutes, But, I am glad I was able to finish 10 pieces of donuts which means less challenges in the future. I hope I will not be doing any challenges in the future. I hereby end my story. Thank you.

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