Isshiki submitted his first paper!

The paper was accepted by JACS on February 19 !

We have been collaborating with Mr. Kyosuke Hirose of Itami Laboratory, Nagoya University and successfully published a paper with the title “Synthesis of decarbonylated ethers of aromatic esters”. Click here for details.

Two and the half months have passed since the paper was finished at the end of last year and I managed to publish my first paper in my undergraduate year. A press release will be published by the newspaper company.

(Already featured in the Chemical Daily and the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun). Next, I will do my best to be the first author of a paper.

I want my paper to be rank as the Most Read Article because it is always American papers are the most read only, so please download one more time in this link.


Currently, I am already working on a development of two new reactions. The research is still in progress and I don’t think anyone is doing well as well so I’d like to develop a new reaction by devising conditions and catalysts.

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