Taiwan Gyoza Bo Part II report

The Chinese restaurant “Taiwan Gyoza Bo” which we so frequently go during rainy days because it was close.

There are 30 items in the menu table (bottom of the article), and 40 items in total if you include the items listed on the whiteboard in the store. It is a series that has nothing to do with chemistry but evaluates it one by one as shown below.

 Part 1 was explained in the previous blog whereby everyone ate 15 items so I would like to introduce the next 15 items in the second half of the menu table.

16. Stir fried beef with oyster sauce


This is one of the most expensive menus in the menu (650 yen). However, the level of taste is not much different from others. I think it taste better thanks to the vegetables in oyster sauce. The beef was chewy and cooked just right.


17. Fried rice with egg


Fried rice is quite delicious. The dish contains eggs, green peas, carrots, corn and a little meat (gomoku). I got bored in the middle of eating because of the large amount. But it will become more delicious if you change the taste by adding chilli oil. I wish the staff give me pepper.


18. Chukadon


If it is a representative bowl of Chinese food in Japan, I think it looks great. The taste is light and thick and delicious. When you make it big, you’ll be surprised at how much it is carried, but you can do it in the same way as egg over rice. It is a recommended dish.

19. Special Taiwan ramen


It belongs to the same kind of meat dumpling clay pot. It is a bit tasteless. For example, “warm water”. However, if you eat for a while, the unpleasant spiciness will slow down. The amount of bean sprouts is in large quantity and personally I dislike it.


20. Vegetable noodles


A so-called tantan men. There is no color, taste is very light and in large quantity. It is a go-to-food if you are feeling sick since the taste is quite gentle. The lesser tastier that day, I am not sure why.


21. Moyashi men


This is the most common soy sauce ramen in the gyoza bunch noodle menu. Although the quantity is large, you can enjoy it with a special chilli oil.


22. Takana men

The base is made of soy sauce. The noodles added into soup makes it saltier than usual soy sauce. Ingredients are made of Takana men, bean sprouts and a small amount of chicken. Although, it does not look good as the photo shown below, it is much better than the school cafeteria.

23. Sweet and sour noodle


A punishment game by words only. Noodles and soup are tasteless because all the taste was absorbed by the bamboo shoot. The sourness and smell combined with chilli oil but it is still tasteless. I will never order this again.

24. Gomoku Yakisoba


It looks and taste great at first glance. This taste better than the sweet and sour noodle. Carrots were a bit undercooked but it is still acceptable. The thickness of the noodles is the best!


25. Gomokukata Yakisoba

2016-10-04_13-53-02The ingredients are the same as Gomoku Yakisoba but the noodle used is different. The taste is like what I expected. Delicious and fulfilling. The noodles are not cut properly so I would recommend this to anyone who wants to train their jaw and gums.



26. Shanghai Yakisoba



An ordinary yakisoba sauce. The ingredients are cabbage, carrots, sprouts and leeks with no meat. The dish is slightly watery but the remaining sauce will deepen the taste of the noodle. Because of the quantity is large, I am fully satisfied and full.


27. Gomoku tanmen


The gentle soy sauce flavored soup is well matched with the sticky noodles. I thought I will get a taste of salt and pepper from the first bite but no! Ingredients include cabbage, jellyfish, pork, shrimp and carrots. I thought I wouldn’t need soup because of “an” but the taste spreads deliciously in the soup.


28. Tantan noodles


The soup has a nice sesame scent mixed well with the spicy minced meat. The quality is much better than eating at a ramen shop. Slightly hot and sweaty because I always drink all the soup. I personally think this is the best noodle.


29. Mapo tofu noodles


Taste like if you pour mapo tofu in hot water. Light taste but spicy. There is nothing special about this dish and sometimes there is a smell from the minced meat. I think their noodle dishes are the best in the menu. Being the top class at this level, I feel the high quality of ramen in Takadanobaba.


30. Chin-ja roast noodles


First of all, why is the chin-roast comes with noodle? I decided to try without any expectations. It is quite a shame because the crab meat is delicious. If it is only, chin-ja noodle, it would have been delicious. Its a pity!

These are all the food in the menus. Cost performance is the best so why don’t you come and visit this place (preferably on a non-rainy day?). The next part 3 will be continued!

Menu is shown below:-



関連ランキング:台湾料理 | 高田馬場駅西早稲田駅新大久保駅


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