Lecture by Dr. Izumi & Social gathering.

Hi! Its me, Ishitobi, a food fighter who ate Kami mori.

This time Dr. Keisuke Izumi, Director of Organic Chemistry Department, National Institute of Health Sciences, commonly known as National Institute of Health Science gave us the privilege to listen to his lecture!

Jun-san and Prof. Izumi met at the Young Peptide Summer Study Group where Asako also participated and decided to give a lecture this time!

The contents are roughly divided into two sections. The relationship between the helical structure of the peptide and cell permeability. Everyone was curious and asked a lot of questions about valuable work such as work at the National Defense Institute, precious stories such as behind-the-scenes stories and the two-dimensional structure of peptides that we were not familiar with!

Thank you for Mr. Izumi, a really inspiring lecture! !

Here is the real thing! A drinking party with Yamada-san, Mickey and Cass!

The first party is at “Buiso” on Waseda Street. The clerk was amiable for the name! It’s a bit disappointing that the drink was using a pitcher> <

At the drinking party, I heard many interesting stories such as the abundant equipment of the National Institute of Public Health and the story of Izumi-sensei’s student days! Also, he seems to have been reading Yamaguchi Lab’s blog. I have no choice but to keep updating my blog!

By the way, Izumi-sensei was a pretty drunk man and I was drinking beside him. I didn’t keep up with the pace and suicidal.

Now, it’s the second party (you can use your imagination) but the place is a Ichigeki !

From the second party, bubbles also participated and everyone is tipsy? Donchan resumes making noise when it becomes! The kids next door were drawn to our fun atmosphere and entered the room.

It seems that the seniors of M1 talked deeply about their career path. I’m sure that we will have a lot of trouble next year so I’ve heard a lot of stories from various teachers.

Thank you Dr. Izumi’s for your lecture and your participation in drinking party! I look forward to working with you.

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