#Asako Triathlon

Hello everyone. Its me, Asako again.

Recently, it was known that one of them B4 had succeeded in Kamimori ramen bowl.

B4 has a lot of gluttony (especially Saito) so I feel a sense of crisis as a person in charge of self-proclaimed gluttony. This time, in order to maintain the dignity as a senior to such B4, we have challenged “triathlon” at Sukiya.

Firstly, swim (curry) but somehow after 2.5 minutes, I stopped swimming and swam alone in the end.

Next, motorcycle (butadon), less speed was released then I have left 7 minutes.

The last running is gyudon. Beef is very hard because it tends to get stuck in the throat …Then, the goal was 22 minutes 35 seconds 62 !!

You can see how much the pace has slowed down from the lap time.

I felt it was easier to eat the King Gyudon because I wish to enjoy different taste.

Next is Iron Man Triathlon, the third of all three kings! (Matsushita-san, please do your best!)

On the other hand, Isshiki and Komatsuda challenge was held at the same venue on the same day.
For Isshiki, it is a revenge match but for Komatsuda is his first challenge.
It seems that Komatsuda will be able to handle but it looks like a tough challenge him. After all, the amount of meat is 6 times the average. .

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卒業生。この1年で7キロ増量!! ださいたま出身。



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