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One week left

The end of June is finally here and the entrance exam to enter graduate school is approaching in a week. My main goal now is to pass this ex

Many molecular model Kit

The other day, I received several molecular model kits from Sigma Aldrich Japan. In the meantime, I was wondering if it is better to change

Final repair work

Finally, the repair work at our laboratory was done! The last renovation was the sink as shown above. Although we have already started experiment from

Party for many things

I'm going to rent a room at Takadanobaba tomorrow.Day before yesterday, we did a party for many things. e.g. passing the exam for selected candida


Today, two visitors came to visit Yamaguchi Lab. Mr. Takuya Kobayakawa, Ph.D. student at Tamamura Laboratory, Tokyo Medical and Dental University paid

Visitor 7

Dr. Sueki, who is an assistant professor on Tokyo Metropolitan University assigned to  Organic Chemistry Lab visited my lab today. He graduated from W

Some events

I am going to introduce an event I went to which happened a while ago. The event was about an orientation for the first years of Department of Applied


Hello everyone! Everyone might know what is Tepra. Tepra is used very often after the laboratory starts.Picture of Tepra is shown below.Is thi

Visitor 6

Today, Nagae, Obi, and Nishigaya, who are juniors at Hayashi lab (when I was grad students), visited my laboratory.They used to be undergraduates