New members have joined the group for 2020.

The following nine new members joined our lab on April 1st!

Yota Uwabe
Masayuki Kubo
Yui Sakai
Keisuke Tanaka
Hikaru Nakahara
Marina Hirao
Ryuya Miyazaki
Eito Moriya
Nicholas L. Yi Bin

Three faculty members, seven doctoral students, 17 master’s students, eight undergraduate students, and one research student, for a total of 36 students. It’s the same as last year, but last year we had an administrative assistant, so we had the highest number of people. Even though it’s a time like this, I started my research activities with the utmost care. We’ll close down as soon as a state of emergency is declared, but we can do chemistry anywhere (at home) so we’ll continue our research activities!

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