Ramen around University part 6

From last time till now, Yamaguchi lab has done several ramen parties. (here)

This time, I did not search for a new restaurant because I feel cooking myself is nice too.

But after all, I still like ramen cooked at the restaurant most. Allow me to introduce them now.

Tsukesoba Azuchi Takadanobaba (Main branch)

Its soba! When it is served, I was like what the heck? Yes, it is soba. However, the soup stock here is ramen and I was very impressed. The buckwheat is firm and the soup has a slightly spicy taste that matches the buckwheat. If you don’t like spicy food, you can order a raw egg for free. To be honest, if I were to choose a tsukemen in Takadanobaba, I will rather eat this tsuke soba, It is a shop that I would highly recommend to everyone.


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Torisen (Part 1)

A shop which just opened on 2nd September 2016. Currently, I have one review only because its menu shows rice bowl site. But the specialty of this restaurant is actually mixed noodles (maze soba). Ingredients are made up of soy sauce, shio (salt), miso (fermented soybean paste) and tsukemen (dipping ramen). The picture below is maze soba soy sauce. The noodles are delicious but I don’t really like it. Other people seems to like it and good comments were spoken. Is this a matter of palate? By the way, this shop is quite new so every week, a minor upgrade will be updated. When I finished, rice and soup refill can be asked (free for students). Don’t miss the concentration and viscosity of the soup.


Torisen (Part 2)

This is the tsukemen version. I decided to go there for the second time and I ordered tsukemen this time. That day, the chef was able to prepare miso maze soba and tsukemen only. The noodles are changed according to each menu, but it seems that only these two noodles remained. Although, it is a tsukemen, it is very rich, boiled and dried. I was able to choose between aubergine pepper and garlic toppings for free. For your information this shop’s maze soba is very popular but I feel it is very dry. However, the taste of onion is the most delicious in Takadanobaba.


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Takayu Takadanobaba

This store is run by a former host and a store owner with a different background. My first impression is it is so glistening but surprisingly, it is a clear salt ramen (white chicken noodles). Similar to the transparency of soup, the taste is colorless and transparent. It might be recommend for people who like light-based ramen. Although the name is “Baka men” but its beef is the best. I ate something similar while studying in China but it depends on the appearance on the taste.


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Menya Agara at Dai tsukemen Expo

On Sunday, my girlfriend came to visit so we went to Dai tsukemen Expo for lunch. Shops from all over the country participated in an event called Ramen VS Tsukemen. This is a Wakayama ramen shop in Toda City, Saitama. There is not much Wakayama ramen in Tokyo and I really love Wakayama ramen. This noodle shop was very delicious. It was a wonderful taste that reminds me of the famous Ide store in Wakayama Prefecture.


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A new restaurant opened which takes only 3 minute-walk fro Waseda Faculty of Science and Engineering Campus. The store is very clean and spacious. I ordered tantan noodles. I like spicy flavor but it is quite sweet here. Sesame is rich but I don’t feel it is tasty. My impression on this does not reflect the great reviews on website. I went there during dinner time and it seems like the side dishes are only cheap during noon time.


製麺王 (it is still new so I cannot find it tabelog)

Why do you put chilli oil in soba? Shin Okubo store

What happened? As of the name of this shop and it is a soba shop. I ordered black curry meat soba. I know that it will be served but no chilli oil was added. Ha! As for the chicken noodle, new products are all added. This shop gives free eggs to be added yourself. Honestly, this curry soba taste almost similar to the cafeteria of the Sciences and Engineering Campus. I feel so full since I ordered in large quantity.


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Abura soba ryoku

I went here when I feel sad which is the abura soba ryoku is next to “Toratohato”. A unique shop run by Myanmar people and its response is so good that I wish to continue to support you. There is also a menu that I am interested in Myanmar rice noodles, but I ordered the soba miso soup and it is so delicious. It is between Yuba soba and Maze soba so it is a bit spicy. Even if you do not put anything on it, the spicy miso is already delicious. However, the seats were full so I was guided to the basement but the room smells like cleaning tool.


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The shop is located a bit far away from the University which is at Kanda river. I ate at this place before after Yamanote Line marathon. At this time everyone was really hungry and ate when they were at the limit of individual autophagy. It has a peculiar taste that can’t be said, and it cannot be compared to any other store. The soup is muddy and quite rich. Fermented soy sauce added on top? I think it is a shop where you can enjoy the taste fully once the fermented soy sauce is fully dissolves.


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D Orthodox Sapporo miso system. Maybe because it is a thick miso, the broth taste super thick. The soup is full of oil but some people like it and some dislike it. Due to the oil, it is very spicy. You can eat more deliciously if you put in the seats of the taste and spicy miso. Although it is a bit far from the university, it is a store that has been revisited.


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Speaking of “ramen”, I ate at a nice spaghetti shop called the “upper cut“. It is not a ramen restaurant but there is no doubt that it is a recommended restaurant.


Now, I think that the chemical laboratories at this time will increase the pace of experiments because everyone is aiming for the Spring Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan. This is where you want to raise your gear. Energy is indispensable for that, use ramen to store energy for experiment!

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