Ramen around Waseda University

Waseda University has so many famous restaurants to explore compared to Nagoya University. Assistant professors and students would often go out together to different restaurants on each day.

As per title, my hobby is eating ramen, you might wonder how much I love eating ramen. In Nagoya, I had the habit of driving to a ramen shop and usually I went 2 to 3 times a week or more than 5 times a week.

I do like eating other foods and took pictures of them but I never forget to take pictures of ramen. Therefore, I will introduce the ramen I ate within a month (the second half of the photos was taken at annual meeting of the Japan Chemical Society, Kyoto and most delicious tsukemen shop in Nagoya)

It has nothing to do with our research and I do eat other foods. But ramen is my love!

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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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