Souvenirs from Prof. Murakami, Mr. Matsushita, Mr. Miyamura and Mr. Atsushi

O-Seibo season (year end gift season). I send it too but I mistakenly sent it to my house and to the laboratory (cry). The students are happy (bitter smile).

Well, this year we had some year-end gifts. Premium malts from Assistant Professor Murakami of Itami Laboratory, Nagoya University . It means that you can drink and do your best. Next year, Mr. Matsushita will join the doctoral program also send us gifts. Mr. Miyamura, a contract researcher worked together with me at Nagoya gave a large amount of “Sudachi Sake”. This is very easy to drink and delicious. After that, delicious sweets from Yamaguchi Atsushi, the first student in Nagoya. In a few minutes, all these were gone.

Everyone will eat the souvenirs deliciously! Thank you very much.

What is Asako holding anyway in the top photo?

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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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