ISPAC 2017 at Vietnam

Last week, I participated in an ISPAC2017 conference at Vietnam from June 7th to 11th in the morning. I do like to travel overseas but I do not want to participate much because I don’t really like airplanes. Its been so long since I go to Narita Airport but whenever I go there, I will eat ramen at「中華そばとみ田」. The quantity of the noodle is little but I want to be satisfied before going to Vietnam.


The plane which I boarded was full of people and reached Vietnam at 7 pm. The car here is a child and a four-seater. Using a car here seems difficult but it may be quite efficient because it is slow and hardly stops. The hotel that I am staying is close to the conference hall so it is very convenient.


Since the conference will start the next day so I decide to have a drink with Mr. Suzuki from Hokkaido University, Mr. Kuninobu from Kyushu University, and Mr. Mitsudo from Oka University. Saigon beer costs about 100 yen (20,000 dong) but the Saigon special is very delicious.


On the real day, the academic society program starts and I gave a lecture in the morning of the final day. Before departure, I went to sightseeing in the evening.

Program is shown below:-


The photo of the conference is just in the picture above, Thank you to the teachers who travelled and ate together with me., Below are some photos of what I ate and some of the people I spent time with together. This seminar does not feel like a conference but I did my best and ended the lecture successfully.

Vietnam food
People whom I met at Vietnam

Most of the people present here is 99% Japanese and some groups are mixed with Vietnamese.

My last dessert was a cocktail called “Hello Vietnam”, a Pakchi cocktail at the airport.


Next weekend, I will be in the GRC of east coast of the United States.

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山口 潤一郎

教授 at 早稲田大学



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