Christmas town

Its been a long time since I posted. This is Kayashima from B4. Lets move on to the main topic of this blog.

Last Monday was Christmas Day which everyone knows. Also, it was the day the Soviet Union collapsed (I didn’t know). We … I want to say that my laboratory life is as usual but a little different. .On this day, we had a test on the reaction mechanism as part of B3 “Specialized Chemistry Seminar” (similar to a seminar) assigned to the laboratory next year. So, the “comfort party” that I mainly led the exam, Ms. Kurosawa, and Cassandra decided to go out. (Other people have passed so only three people.)

At 6 pm, we excused ourselves and leave laboratory early for dinner.

I want to eat yakiniku with my own feelings and go to “Ushikaku”. However, maybe it was Christmas (?) I made a reservation and waited for an hour or less. . So I decided to kill time with Thirty One Ice Cream on the way.

19:00 : Ushikaku Takadanobaba Waseda Dori

Cassandra could not eat beef due to religious reasons but can eat pork. We were able to enjoy talking and cooking while avoiding alcohol.

I was able to enjoy my meal here and the plan does not end here. It is Christmas so I went to Ikebukuro to see the illuminations.

21:30 Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus

Here, it seems that the Himalayan cedar in the front of the main building is illuminated every year. I went here because I thought it was rare for a university to have illumination spot. There are few people came to see but I I didn’t upload here.

22:15 Sunshine City Fountain Square

I went to see the illuminations here until 23:00 on the 25th but the decorations had already been removed. Sorry. As an alternative, I took a photo in front of Ikebukuro Station.

Well, I was able to spend a unique Christmas like this. Christmas is over and the rest of the year has just passed. Please love yourself and have a good year.

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