Deoxygenative Hetero- and Carbofunctionalizations of Diarylketones

Sakihara, M. Kurosawa, M. B.; Watanabe, M.; Shimoyama, S.; Yamaguchi, J.
J. Org. CHem. 2024, ASAP

DOI 10.1021/acs.joc.4c00831

Direct transformations of diarylketones to hetero- and carbofunctionalized diarylmethanes have been developed. The reactions involve a phospha-Brook rearrangement of diphenylphosphine oxide with diarylketones, followed by substitutions with various nucleophiles such as amides, amines, phenols, thiols, and diborylmethane under palladium catalysis to afford the corresponding functionalized diarylmethanes in a reductive manner.