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2016-09-19_17-35-46 2016-09-19_15-27-23

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2016-09-19_17-34-41 2016-09-19_15-28-42

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2016-09-19_15-38-39 2016-09-19_17-33-34

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2016-09-19_17-30-08 2016-09-19_15-40-06

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2016-09-19_17-29-29 2016-09-19_15-41-02

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2016-09-19_17-28-15 2016-09-19_15-41-47

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2016-09-19_16-35-32 2016-09-19_17-27-12

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2016-09-19_17-38-43 2016-09-19_17-42-28

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2016-09-19_17-26-13 2016-09-19_17-25-13

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44. Improvement of σ1 receptor affinity by late-stage C–H bond arylation of spiro cyclic lactones
2016-09-19_17-23-10 2016-09-19_17-22-09

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